11 June 2014

It's Behind You

If, like me, you were a fan of the ZX Spectrum computer and the many classic games available for it, you might be interested in this free book written by Bob Pape - the coder behind R-Type, possibly the best arcade conversion written for the Spectrum.

"It's Behind You - The Making of a Computer Game" is Bob's personal tale of his life leading up to and during the writing of R-Type. It's a warm, well written tale about Bob's life at the time and what went into making this classic title.

I remember when R-Type came out thinking about how the programmers involved must be like rockstars, so it's interesting to see things from Bob's point of view with programmers sleeping on a tiny office floor, and sometimes being ripped off by dodgy publishers.

Overall though it's a great read about a time when top games were made on a tiny budget, and the industry wasn't the behemoth it has grown into today.

You can download Bob's book at http://www.bizzley.com/

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